8 Most Common CrossFit Problems that Women Experience

crossfit problems women experience The workouts are intense and amazing, but there are several CrossFit problems that women experience.

CrossFit is one of the biggest trends in the health and fitness industry that has drawn in just as many women as it has men. It’s no surprise that women are interested in joining and sticking with CrossFit: workouts are never the same, results are incredible, and the support they receive within the community is unbeatable. With that said, there are several problems in CrossFit that are unique to women.

Let’s take a look at the most common CrossFit problems that women experience, and simple ways to solve them.

1. You’ll Have More Muscle Than Fat

Let’s jump into the list with the most talked about issue in CrossFit for women: becoming muscular.

Given the high-intensity nature of CrossFit workouts combined with Olympic-style weightlifting, don’t be surprised when you look in the mirror and see that you’re more muscular than you’ve ever been. Sure, you won’t be as built as this year’s Mr. Olympia, but you’ll definitely see an increase in healthy, toned muscle mass.

The solution? See it as a positive, not a negative. Women can be muscular, strong, and maintain their curves. No need to worry about losing your hips and butt. In fact, you might notice that your booty has gotten bigger, which brings us to our next CrossFit problem: clothes shopping.

2. Finding Jeans that Fit

Most women in CrossFit love the fact that their butts look great until they have to go find a new pair of jeans that fit.

CrossFit is a fat-burning and booty-building workout. You’ll lose fat from your belly and love handles while your butt gets bigger. This makes clothes shopping difficult, but especially when you want a pair of jeans that fit.

Buy jeans that fit your butt. You can always take them to a tailor to hem the waist.

3. Your Boobs Might Get (A Lot) Smaller

While your butt will get bigger and stronger, your boobs may get smaller. As you are burning fat – probably more than you ever have before – you’re also performing muscle-focused exercises. This is the perfect combination to get smaller boobs.

Since your boobs are made up of fatty tissue, they will naturally get smaller as you enter a caloric deficit or burn more calories than you consume each day. What’s more, you’re building up the pectoral muscle that sits beneath your boobs. On the bright side, your boobs will be firmer.

4. You Might Intimidate Guys (Including Your Boyfriend)

Guys who lift will understand how much hard work you’ve put in to develop your body, and they’ll admire you for it. But for guys who think playing sports is sitting on the couch watching football, you might get a different reaction.

Let’s face it: In general, guys are thought to be more muscular and obsessed with weight training. CrossFit has opened the door for women who want to transform their bodies while increasing self-confidence. Don’t let this stop you from building your body. Insecure guys will find it as a negative, but secure men will be attracted to it.

Embrace your newfound strength and lean physique. If guys get intimidated, take it as a compliment.

5. You’re Going to Be Really Hungry

CrossFit workouts are tough. You burn an obscene amount of calories while pushing your muscles to failure. Your body’s response is to make you hungrier so you can eat enough calories.

Eating the proper amount of healthy calories is how you support recovery and fuel your muscles for the next workout. Dedicated female CrossFitters universally agree that they start eating more than they ever did before. In fact, you might eat more than your male friends or boyfriend.

If you want to see impressive results while avoiding overtraining, you need to embrace that newfound hunger with natural and whole food choices. No need to worry about gaining excess fat.

6. You’ll Feel Like You Need to Pee

Several of the exercises in CrossFit can put some pressure on your bladder, and that’s the last thing you want to feel in the middle of a workout. The biggest culprits are Double-Unders and Box Jumps.

For women who have had children or surgery, your pelvic floor may be weaker, which can open up the floodgates during a workout.

Two easy solutions: Start doing Kegel exercises throughout the day, and wear a pad during workouts to play it safe.

7. Bruises That You’ll Need to Explain

Bruises are a natural part of weightlifting. Whether you accidentally bump into a bench or you’re getting over enthusiastic with your set, you’re bound to take a hit or two. With CrossFit; however, this is taken to another level.

Since you’ll be performing strength-training exercises at a fast pace, you’re more likely to hit your shin during a deadlift or have a kettlebell land on your shoulder during a clean and press. This won’t stop your workouts, but you may have to explain the new array of colorful bruises to family and the significant other.

The best way to avoid bruising is to suit up beforehand. We recommend wearing the following during your CrossFit workout:

8. Naps Will Become Your Best Friend

You don’t get stronger or build muscle during your workouts; this happens while you’re sleeping. To support your recovery, you may find that you want to set aside time each day for a nap.

Every night, you should aim to get no less than eight hours of sleep, but if you feel tired midday, embrace that feeling and take a short nap. When napping, make it either 15 to 20 minutes or 90 minutes. If you nap for any length of time in between that, you’ll wake up feeling groggier.

Are you a Female CrossFitter?

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