Resistance Bands Full Back Workout

Take a look at how quick and easy you can workout using resistance bands with this FREE beach back workout using our new resistance bands! You can perform this training at home, at the gym, while travelling, on vacation... Simply anywhere, anytime! Our monster Bands allot to target and reproduce any exercise to build upper body and lower body muscles!

Body focus:

Full Body Workout

Workout type:

  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular

Equipment Needed:

Resistance Bands


30 Minutes

Workout Sheet:

1. Kneeling Pull Down
2. Close Grip Underhand Low Row
3. Pushdown
4. Seated Row
5. One Arm Low-To-High Row
6. Pull Apart Row
7. Knee Pulls
8. Assisted Pull Ups
Finisher: Squat + Row Combination

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