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HD-RFS Heavy Duty Freestanding Rack

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 3x3" 11-Gauge Steel. Westside hole spacing through bench/squat area. 2" elsewhere. Black Matte Powder Coat. 5/8” Hardware. Competition J-Cups. Pin/Pipe Safety System. Aluminum End Caps. Weldless Innovative Design.

  • VERSATILITY: Use our configurator to design your perfect Freestanding Rack. Select your height, pull-up bar, mounting feet and any accessories you need.

  • DESIGN: Born from our robust design philosophy, our HD-RFS Freestanding Rack is a celebration between strength, refinement and versatility.

  • INSIDE RACK DIMENSION: 30" depth x 42" width

  • FOOT PRINT: 48" x 48"

  • FLOOR BASE: Freestanding or Floor-Mount

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Tested by the strongest athletes in the world. Manufactured in Canada. Lifetime warranty on all frames and welds.

  • MADE IN CANADA: Our innovative designs are complemented by the very best in Canadian craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, guarantee our work and aim to deliver 100% Customer Satisfaction.



HD-RFS Freestanding Rack

The Iron Bull Strength HD-RFS Freestanding Rack is the flat foot version of a compact Power Rack. The HD-RFS Rack features a self-stabilizing base meaning the weight is distributed across two crossmembers, self-stabilizing the structure without having to drill in your floor. We give you the option of bolting it to the ground if you want further stability thanks to our Floor-Mount Gussets.

The HD-RFS Freestanding Rack is the best training partner you can find, allowing you to perform any and all exercises with safety. Our Westide hole spacing along with the pin/pipe safety system will give you maximum versatility, setting the pin/pipes to any desired height.

Featuring over-sized 3"x3” 11-gauge steel uprights and crossmembers, 5/8” holes in the Westside spacing pattern and a bolt-on base with 5/8" hardware, you get a compact Power Rack with great flexibility in a workout space.

Standing at a height of 93" and a footprint of only 48 by 48 inches, the HD-RFS Freestanding Rack gives you ample space to perform your intense workouts without taking too much room in your basement/garage gym.

The Canadian-made HD-RFS comes with different choices of pull-up bars, floor bases and color schemes. With a wide array of accessories available for the Freestanding and Power Racks, the fully versatile HD-RFS Rack is well suited for small home gyms and large-scale weight training facilities.

Signature Features

Precision Construction

All Iron Bull Strength structures feature strong 3"x3", 11-gauge steel construction and laser cut holes for maximum precision. Adding a satin black durable powder coat makes it one of the strongest, most durable power rack on the market.

Exterior Design

The Freestanding Racks are accentuated with a unique end cap design made from aluminum, with the iconic Iron Bull Strength logo precisely laser engraved. All Racks are complemented further with laser cut stainless steel "Iron Bull Strength" nameplates.

Weldless Design

In addition to a stronger and sturdier design, our engineers have developed a weldless look to our structures by encasing the different parts together using a hidden back weld. Not only do you get a clean look, but you have an indestructible design that will last a lifetime.

Pin/Pipe Safety System

All Iron Bull Strength 3"x3" uprights have laser-cut pin positions. With our Westside hole pattern of 1" spacing through the bench area and 2" spacing above and below, we added small reference marks every 5 holes for maximum precision and flexibility. Our pin/pipe safety system is easy to adjust and allow a safe way to perform bench, squats and deadlifts from any height.

5/8" Hardware

Our line of Racks come with over-sized 5/8" hardware and a bolt-together design for maximum portability. Any and all parts fit together allowing any accessory and equipment to be fitted together. If you get tired of your Free-Standing Rack, you can purchase any conversion kit and turn it into a Power Rack or other structure.

Competition J-Cups

All our Freestanding Racks are equipped with Competition J-Cups. Tested at more than 1000 lb, they have a depth of 3.25” and lock around two sides of the upright. Featuring an UHMW plastic core which offers full protection against your barbell knurling and fully replaceable, these sandwich J-Cups will keep you safe while training and extend the life of your barbell.

Specs at a Glance


  • Made in Canada
  • Total Height: 93"
    -Max Pull-up Bar Height for Single Bar: 89"
  • Footprint:
    -48" x 48" (Freestanding Gussets)
    -52" x 48" (Floor-Mount Gussets)
  • Uprights: 3"x3” 11-gauge steel tubing
    Crossmembers: 3"x3” 11-gauge steel tubing
    Pin/Pipe System:
    -5/8" x 40" steel rod
    -1" OD x 30" steel round tubing
  • Pull-Up Bar: -1.25" Single Bar
  • Competition J-Cups (sandwich design with UHMW core)
  • Hardware: 5/8" bolts and fasteners
  • West Side Hole Pattern (1” through bench area, 2” spacing above and below)
  • Satin Black Powder Coat
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000+ lbs


  • Floor Base Type:
    -Freestanding Gussets
    -Floor-Mount Gussets
  • Pull-Up Bar:
    -1.25" Single Bar
    -2.0" and 1.25" Bar Combo
  • Height:
    -Total height 73" (70" Uprights)
    -Total height 93" (90" Uprights)
    -Total height 105" (102" Uprights)