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Power Training Sled


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  • Unique and Innovative 2-in-1 Design Combining a Speed Sled and Prowler Sled

  • Compact, Powerful, and Versatile - Push, Pull, Drag and Speed Training on Virtually Any Surface

  • Matte Black Powder Coat Steel Plate - Semi-Gloss Red Powder Coat Skis -Iron Bull Strength Emblems and Engraved Caps

  • Footprint: 40”x28” - 3/16" Bent Steel Plate - Carabiner Slot on Both Ends

  • Removable Push Poles

  • 18” Weight Post to stack upwards of 500 pounds

  • Made in North America

  • Patent Pending Design



Improve conditioning, build explosive strength and increase sprint time with our Power Training Sled!
Sled training has become a staple training method in the fitness world. Bodybuilders use it for conditioning and muscle-building purposes, whereas sprinters use it to improve acceleration. Sled training provides key benefits to your training and is far superior to all other traditional types of cardio. The versatility of the sled allows you to program a number of different workouts to target specific muscular benefits and general conditioning.

Key Benefits:
1- No Eccentric Load: Workout more often with less muscle damage and soreness
2- Improve Acceleration: Research demonstrated the benefit of sled training on sprinting times compared to just sprinting alone.
3- Build Functional Strength: Speed training sleds are truly versatile tools: Run, Walk, Pull, Sprint, Light Loads, Maximum Effort!
4- Reduced Joint and Muscle Loading: Sled training is geared towards low-speed and/or low-duration efforts.
5- Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: The lack of eccentrics and joint loading that comes from sled training make it ideal for injury prevention or rehabilitation training for lower-body focused athletes.
6- Variety and Fun: Pull, Drag, Run, Walk... You can rotate your training every time for more variety and fun.
7- Perfect for grass, concrete, track and every types of turf you can think of.

The Ferrari of Power Training Sleds
Our prowler type training sled is built in North America and is made with only the best and strongest materials. It comes standard with a 10-foot sled strap, which can be looped over the shoulders or through a belt for a wide range of sled training movements—from shoulder raise dragging and ankle dragging to walking lat pulls and more!

Aim for 10-15% sled weight for acceleration work and up to 40-45% sled weight for more strength/mass.